Hardcored™ Services: Hardfacing of VRM Grinding Rollers and Tables

With Hardcored™ Welding Technology, BCC provides a complete range of solutions for hard overlay welding. The following services are offered for vertical roller mills:

Hard overlay welded grinding rolls and grinding tables
Welding consumables of alloys specifically matched for use in vertical roller mills
Portable welding system consisting of welding head, control unit and DC power supply which designed and manufactured by BCC
Hardcored™ Welding service can be done either at the Hardcored Services Workshop or at the mill plant site

Hardcored™ Welding Services Offer the following Benefits:

  • New grinding rolls and grinding plates made of hard casting with and without hardfacing to ensure long service life-time
  • Regeneration of grinding rolls and grinding plates to avoid the purchase of costly spare parts
  • Complete, cost effective services Supply of hard casting and hard overlay welding from a single source
  • Excellent references in the line of welding engineering
  • Experience in solving wear problems for many years.

In-House hardfacing services

On-Site Services

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