BCM – The Automatic Welding Systems for Hardfacing / Cladding applications

BCC has been working and developing many products for hardfacing & cladding application since last ten years. Recently, we just launched new development of machine called BCM V2.

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  • BCM-V2 is a full automatic welding system – generation 2 which desgined and manufactured by BCC
  • BCM-V2 is a customized design for hardfacing / cladding works. It also can be applied for wear plate production.
  • The control panel of BCM-V2 is assembled from high quality components from Japanese Manufacturers. By this way, BCM-V2 can operate continuously at high productivity, difficult conditions like welding and high temperature.
  • With simple design of UI, BCM-V2 is easy for installation, operation and maintenance

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