Bao Chi Company (BCC) is a private company which was founded by a group of Engineers from Hanoi Univversity of Sience & Technology (HUST) specilizing in Welding Engineering.

Since the foundation, 2010-Mar., we had directed ourself to become a leading solution provider for Industrial Repair & Maintenance Solutions.

Our Products and Services are targeting for reducing customer cost of Equipment Repair & Maintenance and Increase the life time in various working conditions.

Since 2014 Jun., we set our target to become a leading manufacturer of Hardfaced wear plate (D-Plate™) and Hardfacing Services (Hardcored™ Services) using our automatic welding system (BCM™)



What is D-Plate? How it works?

We, BCC, manufacture several types of D-Plate which are chromium carbide hardfaced wear plate in Vietnam and market worldwide.... read more

The wear resistant part D-Parts

D-Parts is a special services to produce the wear resistant parts from hardfaced wear plate based on customer demands. As... read more

The first big-size-plate machine

Recently, BCC Group has installed the first machine for our wear plate production business. with this new investment, we... read more


The selection of corrosion resistant coating materials is more complicated. The working condition, working temperature, working environment and various... read more

Hardfacing definitions and Frequently asked questions

At first glance, hardfacing can be confusing and troublesome; in reality, it isn't. Understanding some of the basics about... read more

BCM – The Automatic Welding Systems for Hardfacing / Cladding applications

BCC has been working and developing many products for hardfacing & cladding application since last ten years. Recently, we... read more

Hardcored™ Services: Hardfacing of VRM Grinding Rollers and Tables

With Hardcored™ Welding Technology, BCC provides a complete range of solutions for hard overlay welding. The following services are... read more

Wear Resistant Plate – The Typical application of Hardfacing

The deposited wear plate is a dual-metal steel plate which manufactured by  overlay welding process. The wear resistant alloys... read more

What is the hardfacing? Trends and Applications

1. General Hardfacing is applied in cases where the surface of engine parts is being subject to abrasion by wear,... read more

Innovative Alloys – All kind of flux cored wires

Innovative Alloys - IA - are a Flux-cored wire manufacturer specialized in producing hardfacing, cladding and joining wire for... read more

Welding for Repair and Surdfacing

Abstract:  Repair welding and surfacing are both considered in the field of maintenance welding and are covered together since they... read more

D-Parts – The belt housing fabrication based on wear plate

D-Plate have been using widely in many difference industries, such as Cement, Mining, Coal-fired Power etc. With advantage of Wear... read more